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Monday, November 8, 2010

Im seeking for God's forgiveness..

I seem to have problems in writing a new entry for my blog. partly I think there's no longer interesting things happen to me lately. I seek joy in life, happiness, laughters and memorable events to help me going through. But somehow nothing really interesting that ever happened for me to have a good thought of anythin...It has been another sad year for me. I think God is fair. Though you have changed ur life to be better, there are things in the past that haunt you and pull you back from enjoying great moments of life of the presence. I believe its a karma. Bad things you've done in the past, will definitely reoccur and affect every single moment of life now. We just have no idea where it ends, and when is the new life to begin. I wud never want to reflect things in the past. TO me, there were things that I did enjoy and I never wanted to repeat in any life I wud have in the future. Bad encounters in my daily life, bad love stories of my relationship, bad days at work, bad experiences with everything! I don't enjoy friendships, I don't enjoy food, I don't enjoy my free time, I don't enjoy all things Im doing. It has been three years Im feeling this and not a single thing I like about these things.

I seek for forgiveness from God. and I wish He would listen to me. I can't seem to decide what's the next moves. Hopefully, He will give guidance and bless and allow me to enjoy this life. Please bring me back to reality. Please God, give me a good partner who can take me to the right path of living. Please God, help me to find ways to improve my boring life. Please God, give me a chance to find happiness in life again.

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